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  • Added Gaming and Event videos to Episodes list

The I am Many Ninjas site is the personal site of "ManyNinjas", aka Mr. A, which is host to a collection of video work ranging from retro and classically themed video game playthroughs, Mr. A's pixel art practice and event footage from the coming and goings within the Greater Toronto Area. For a listing of my let's play albums and episodes of my ongoing Retro Ninja Gaming series, please visit the Episodes page just off to the left of this message!

Feb 8th, 2016

Probably too many things to properly list has happened since the last true site update; the short answer is that Episode Page has been brought back up to date and reorganized so that more common features like the Retro Ninja Gaming series are up top, followed by the various Blind Runs / Longer Let's Play series videos! A more thorough set of changes to give this site a bit more of its own identity is also underway, but the graphics are still a work in progress at this point, so stay tuned!